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Honey Island Kayak Tours

If you want to experience one of the most beautiful and diverse swamplands in America, then you need to visit Honey Island Swamp. Our Honey Island kayak tour in New Orleans is world-renowned as one of the most exciting and comprehensive tours of Honey Island. On this tour, we will take you through the heart of the swamp—you’ll learn about the diverse ecosystem and wildlife that inhabit the island. Honey Island swamp is one of the most undisturbed swamps in North America, and our guides are excited to take you on the tour of your lifetime! Learn more about our one of a kind kayak tours in Honey Island below.
An Atmosphere Unlike Any Other
One of our expert guides will lead you on your kayak tour. Our staff are extremely knowledgeable about the flora and fauna that make this area their home. One of the main attractions during our tours are the beautiful cypress trees that grow all around the swamp. Some of these trees are up to 400 years-old but possess an ageless beauty that makes our swamp one of the most unique places in the world. During our tour, there is also a chance that you will see some of the wildlife that inhabits Honey Island. Every tour is a unique, exciting, and engaging experience that you won’t soon forget.
Small Intimate Kayak Tours with Unique Features
One of the advantages of going on a small and intimate kayak tour is that we can customize our tours based on the group of kayakers we are taking out. This means we can help cater our tours to the unique tastes and interests of all our guests. Whether you are looking for more information on the ecosystem, the local wildlife, or just want a kayaking adventure you’ll never forget, we go out of our way to deliver your perfect trip. We also provide our guests with cold water bottles throughout the trip, dry boxes to store your belongings, and our tours are pet-friendly! We even have specific areas where you can get out and swim if you would like.
For the best Honey Island kayak tour in New Orleans, be sure to visit us on the Pearl River. We strive to give you an exciting kayak tour that you will never forget. Contact Honey Island Kayak Tours today to schedule your unforgettable kayaking experience!
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